What does the “diff lock” do?

Mark Stopps, Operations manager at Experience the Country, explains a little about the centre differential, which is normally fitted to most 4×4 vehicles.

Why do we have a centre differential or “diff” and why lock it is the question asked on many BORDA training courses and to many people it is all a bit like black magic.

A centre differential is fitted to most four wheel drives vehicle with full time/permanent four wheel drive system to prevent transmission damage when turning on hard  surfaces.

The centre differential allows the front  and rear axles to  travel different distances  and speeds  when the vehicle goes around a corner.

The down side of any differential is they will send the drive to the easiest wheel to turn so on a  4×4 vehicle with a centre differential it is possible for the  vehicle`s drive to be sent to one wheel on one axle.

On most 4×4 vehicles this is overcome by being able to lock the centre differential thus dividing the drive equally to both axles therefore offering much improved traction.

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