All-Terrain Vehicle Training

All courses are BORDA accredited and delivered by BORDA specialist trainers.

ATV Training


Our BORDA basic course is designed for beginners and covers operations ATV’s on mild gradients with responsible traction.

This is a half-day course.

BORDA Standard

Our BORDA standard course covers operating ATV’s on moderate gradients, with reasonable traction and is a one-day course (lunch included).

BORDA Higher

BORDA Higher covers operating ATV’s on steep gradients where traction may be lost, along with many more advanced off-road driving techniques..

The course takes place over 2-days and teaches skills in high risk situations.

BORDA Loads and Implements

This is a half-day add-on course to basic standard or higher level, covering operating ATVs with loads and towing equipment.

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All our ATV training courses are BORDA approved and delivered by BORDA Specialist Trainers.

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