Advanced Driving

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Advanced driving skills

We’re proud to be working in partnership with Road Skills Plus, to offer you advanced driving skills.

  • Learning more about your vehicle, its capabilities and vehicle control.
  • Learning more about yourself, your capabilities and risk management.
  • Increased observational skills and awareness.
  • Enhanced anticipation of actual and potential danger. (Hazards)
  • More accurate and detailed planning in respect to hazards.
  • Reduced motoring costs through fuel efficiency etc.
  • Achieving more pleasure from driving and an increased confidence and self-belief.
  • Less blameworthy accidents resulting in cheaper insurance premiums.

What’s involved in Advanced Car training?

This depends largely on what you want from the course. Everything can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Essentially though it about enjoying your session and obtaining maximum benefit from it.

We will work with you in your own vehicle and we can either travel to your home, place of work or a venue that is convenient to you.

The courses can be half or full days and can also include weekends if this is preferred.

In any event you will be able to practice your Advanced Driving skills on a beneficial mix of road types and in varied traffic conditions.

The normal Advanced Car training syllabus can also include:

  • Night driving or driving in poor light conditions.
  • Vehicle and Personal Security.
  • Post-collision confidence restoration or vehicle familiarisation.
  • Post ban road traffic regulations or vehicle familiarisation.
  • Left hand drive vehicle familiarisation.
  • UK vehicle familiarisation.

To find out more, just call us on 01908 630 665. You can also visit the Road Skills Plus website to find out more